Genesis 1: Those familiar words…

Crab Nebula
Crab Nebula, Credit: NASA

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  Possibly the most familiar sentence in Scripture, this verse represents for many their introduction to God’s Word—the first scripture they ever heard.  To the unbeliever, it may sound like myth, legend, dogma, or just foolishness.  But for the believer, it encapsulates one of the fundamental tenets upon which our entire faith is based: that everything we know, this reality in which we live, began with God.  I never cease to be amazed by how the story of the creation speaks to me when I read it.  I have heard it so many times I can recite it from memory.  Yet reading it, I am struck once again with the awesome truth of the Creator’s love for mankind.  Everything He created—from the beautiful to the practical—He crafted to make a perfect home for us.  Each day of Creation represents a layer of loving preparation for day six, when He stepped down onto planet Earth, pulled clay from the ground beneath his feat, and fashioned His most cherished creature, man.  You and I are the reason He made everything in this amazing universe, and He made us for one purpose: to worship Him.  We are the offspring of God, created in His image to enjoy a loving relationship with Him forever. 

Reading: Genesis 1