About the author

Brian Ashbaugh
BRI-en ASH-baw | noun

Brian is a male given name of Irish and Breton origin.
Ashbaugh is a Germanic surname of dubious origin destroyed by government employees at Ellis Island; probably something like Aschenbach or Eschbach in its original form.

Definition: A pretty ordinary American dude who prefers to be known as 1) a follower of Jesus Christ, 2) the husband of the lovely Kim Marie, 3) the father of the three amazing J’s: Juli, Jamie and Jennie.

I made the most important decision of my life at a rather young age: 4.  That’s when I put my faith in Jesus Christ, when I chose to believe that what the Bible says about Himand about meis true.  It was a pretty simple decision made from a pretty simple understanding by a pretty simple little guy.  But 40+ years later, I can still say with confidence that it was the right choice.  My relationship with Jesus has shaped the course of my life and made me who I am today.  I haven’t always been the best of friends to Him, but He has always been faithful to me.  I have much to be thankful for, but if I had to thank God for just one thing, it would be for revealing Himself to me.

This blog is really a personal journal of my journey through the Bible, one chapter at a time.  The Word has played an important role in my life.  I’ve read and studied it for over 40 years, and I still find it offers new insights, inspirations and power for living each time I look into its pages.  There have been times when I foolishly thought I knew the Word, that I had heard it all.  But the truth is, while I may have “heard it all” I am far from knowing it.  Anyone who has studied the Scriptures can relate to the overwhelming awe I feel when I think about just how much there is to the Bible.  God has packed so much truth into those pages we can’t possibly comprehend it all in one or even ten readings, much less remember to apply it as we should every day.  Personally, I think every believer needs a daily refresher course, a Bible 101, when he or she just reads and thinks about Scripture.  If we are to have the “mind of Christ” (Phil 2:5), we need find out what He’s thinking, and that means reading His Word.  That’s my goal here, and my  hope is that you may benefit by my experience, be inspired in your own journey, as we read through the Bible together.